How to publish your own neuron site

neuron is a Zettelkasten-based notes manager, and you can use this template repository to get started with publishing your own neuron site that looks like one of these.

GitLab will now build the site, which will become available at https://<yourgitlabusername>

For more information, see neuron documentation as well as the GitLab Pages guide.

Set your site metadata

  • In your new repository, edit the neuron.dhall file to set your site configuration (such as title, author, color theme) to suitable values.

How to edit and add notes

Assuming you have changed the editUrl configuration in neuron.dhall (see the above section), you can simply click the “edit” icon on the published site to edit any note (see GitLab Web Editor). On every change, your site should eventually rebuild.

To understand how linking works, read the neuron guide on Linking.

For other ways to edit your notes (editors, web interface), see the neuron guide.