Gloss hides the pain of drawing simple vector graphics behind a nice data type and a few display functions. Gloss uses OpenGL under the hood, but you won’t need to worry about any of that. Get something cool on the screen in under 10 minutes.

Minimal example

-- | Display "Hello World" in a window.
import Graphics.Gloss

main :: IO ()
main =
      "Hello World" -- window title
      (400, 150)    -- window size
      (10, 10)      -- window position
  white   -- background color
  picture -- picture to display

picture :: Picture
picture =
  -- shift the text to the middle of the window
  Translate (-170) (-20) $
    -- display it half the original size
    Scale 0.5 0.5 $
      -- the shape is a text
      Text "Hello World"
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